Unconscious Bias Training

Arguably, unconscious bias training is the bedrock upon which EDI in the workplace is built. Discussions around unconscious or implicit bias — where one evaluates information using associations, emotions, or the conditions with which we are most familiar and/or comfortable — are discussions quite commonplace in workplaces around the world. Nevertheless, while these conversations are widespread, many of the decisions made in the workplace continue to be affected by forms of bias. Given this, we have to ask ourselves: why is this the case? Part of the answer is that while discussing these topics is helpful, workplaces still need specific strategies around how to tackle unconscious bias in order to effectuate meaningful change.

With respect to unconscious bias training, many training forums only place emphasis on the applicant screening and interviewing phases of the recruitment process. While such instruction may help us make progress, the goal is to provide a more holistic unconscious bias training program.

Meet three of your instructors:

Meet three of your Instructors. This course will be narrated by three specialists in the field of recruitment and EDI. They will be introducing you to the various intergenerational dynamics at play in our society with an eye to EDI issues.

Candice Frederick


Jason Murray

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